Cisco Switches


Switches are irreplaceable in a computer surroundings where number of devices connected with network is significant and at the same, there is not much space to spare. Such situations are popular in mostly every company no matter if it is small, medium or large. University network and school computer lab are another surroundings where switches… Read More

Cisco Firewalls


Protection is priority. Modern high-technology offers endless potential of development and numerous possibilities. Nevertheless, where potential development is there also possible threats can be found. In case of computer surroundings such threats are most often attempted attacks that can be detected but if there is no stable and effective protection system installed the attack will… Read More

Cisco Routers


The Cisco Company offers a wide range of choice as far as Cisco Routers are concerned. Each product designed and created by Cisco is responsible for providing an input/ output plug-in that once connected to the computer provides Internet access. In case of Cisco products not only stable and fast connection is provided as well… Read More