Cisco Switches

switchSwitches are irreplaceable in a computer surroundings where number of devices connected with network is significant and at the same, there is not much space to spare. Such situations are popular in mostly every company no matter if it is small, medium or large. University network and school computer lab are another surroundings where switches are often used.
What switch truly is can be explained very easily as the nature of such device is not complex nor as complicated as it initially would seem to be. In order to understand the reason of switches’ usefulness one should think if a bridge connecting elements that used to be separated, yet a connection between them is needed. This particular connection is most satisfactory when it is stable however in this case it should also be only temporary. To some extent switches are the next generation of network hub.

Network hub could be used similarly to the gaining popularity now switches but there is a major difference between them. This difference is in fact the potential protection provided by each network device. In case of a hub, there is no possibility of choosing a device that should receive particular data as data is sent to all implemented devices at the same time while network switches, as the name itself could suggest, are more flexible. More technologically advanced that hub, new network devices known as switches can switch the current activity to only this device that should receive data while connection with other devices is not lost. Cisco Switches are capable of such activity and it raises significantly their level professionalism level as well as their functionality in the IT world.

Network switches are responsible for creating a connection or in other words a bridge between two devices so that they both become parts of a computer network. Switches are also known as a networking device due to the fact that it is capable of creating a stable Internet connection when the possibilities of creating such connection are limited or there are none at all. Switches are produced by the most advanced companies that actively perform their duties, among which also is Cisco. Cisco Switches can be divided into certain types and as a result, there are models designed for almost all potential user, regardless of his or her expectations and needs. In other words: every user is advised to make a careful choice based on the initial research. Among many possibilities there are such Cisco Switches types as: Access Switches, Compact Switches, Core and Distribution Switches, Data Center Switches, Aggregation Switches and Ethernet Access Switches.



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